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3D Mammography: A New Dimension of Care

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Welcome to the future in breast cancer detection. It’s called 3D mammography and Columbia St. Mary’s exclusively offers this advanced technology at all of our mammography locations.

Unlike a conventional digital mammogram that takes one flat image of the breast, a 3D mammogram takes multiple pictures in one millimeter slices to create a series of 3D images. It's 41% more effective in detecting invasive breast cancer, which helps detect breast cancer at its earliest stages, when it’s most treatable. The radiologist then has the ability to scroll through each of these images to better detect a small cancer that could be hiding between overlapping breast tissue, or rule out an area that may look abnormal.

Think of 3D mammography like reading pages in a book. When the book is closed, you can’t see any of the pages. But, once it’s open, you can go through the entire book, page-by-page, and read everything between the covers. 

It’s a new dimension of care for women. And something women of every generation deserve.

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Important Notice About 3D Mammography Charges At Columbia St. Mary’s 

In 2014, Columbia St. Mary’s installed 3D mammography technology at all of our breast imaging sites. Even though we upgraded our equipment to 3D, we did not increase charges for screening mammography services. We believed then and still believe now that every woman deserves 3D mammography.

Last year, some insurance companies were denying claims for the 3D portion of the screening mammography as an “uncovered service” or as “experimental technology.” While we worked with payers to obtain coverage and believed the issue had been resolved, we have recently seen a reemergence of billing issues.

While we work through this process, we assure you Columbia St. Mary’s will not hold you responsible for additional costs not covered by your insurance as a result of denials citing 3D mammography as an uncovered or experimental service.

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