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Restoring a Healthy Youthful Glow to Your Skin


/images/upload/CSP_Couple(1).jpgAs you age, your skin begins to face many challenges. Wrinkles, sun damage, discoloration and age spots can take their toll, causing you to feel less confident and less attractive.

At Columbia St. Mary's, we've designed a program to help undo this harmful skin damage and give a healthy, glowing look to your skin. Our dermatologists are skilled in a variety of procedures designed to restore both your appearance and your self-assurance, bringing out the best in you.

Within our dermatology department, our physicians offer an array of cosmetic services to help you look your best. They will consult with you to determine the appropriate treatment approach, depending on your individual wishes.

  • Botox® injections - Botox® injections have been found to temporarily reduce frown lines, crows feet, forehead creases, neck bands and other wrinkles by temporarily paralyzing the facial muscles causing the wrinkles. 
  • Chemical peels - using a chemical solution applied to the face, peels can be used to smooth wrinkles, fade blemishes and pigment problems, reduce the visibility of acne scars and remove pre-cancerous growths. 
  • Sclerotherapy - for unsightly spider veins on thighs, calves and ankles, sclerotherapy utilizes a series of superficial injections to collapse the veins, causing them to vanish. 
  • Laser procedures - the aging process, sun damage or a condition known as Rosacea can be the underlying cause of facial veins, especially around the nose and cheek areas. Lasers are often used to help visible veins fade by applying laser light to targeted areas. The light converts to heat, cauterizing the veins.
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