Loss / Injury Management

Fast, efficient service from injury until return-to-work

Receiving prompt, appropriate care in case of an emergency has frustrated many businesses. Following the case of an injured worker through the continuum of care from initial injury through rehabilitation to return to work can add to that frustration.

CorporateWORx makes sure fast, efficient urgent care is in place when needed. Our case management program assures that follow-up referrals, company feedback of required medical data, and final outcomes are handled smoothly and effectively. We can also assist you in developing or refining a safety program.

The following Loss/Injury Management Services are available:

Employee Case Management

  • Fast, efficient urgent care
  • Physicians knowledgeable about the particular needs and potential issues of your business
  • Knowledge of the hazards in the work environment and OSHA regulations in case of exposure
  • Case management of the injured worker from the time of injury through return to full duty
  • The ability to designate physical restrictions for the injured worker
  • Ability to complete employer forms and insurance reports to facilitate claims
  • The provision of feedback to the employer throughout the continuum of care
  • A complete system for occupational rehabilitation of the injured worker

Safety Consulting Services

  • Development of policy and procedures for a safety model
  • Development of supervisor training focusing on safety and injury management
  • Safety committee development
  • Equipment procedures
  • Hazardous material protocols
  • Occupational accident policy
  • Incident reporting protocols
  • Educational programs
  • Occupational health screening protocols

Whether coordinating treatment of an injured employee or facilitating case management communication with the employer and insurance company, CorporateWORx can help you meet your employees’ total health needs.



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