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Columbia St. Mary's Community Health Improvement

Community Health Improvement Process:  

Columbia St. Mary’s (CSM) delivers the promise of its mission statement through an established structure of a Community Health Improvement Committee at each CSM hospital including Columbia St. Mary’s Hospital Milwaukee, Columbia St. Mary’s Hospital Ozaukee and Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Institute. The structure is established consistent with CSM policy. Each Committee developed a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) which led to a Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP). The CHNA and CHIP were incorporated into the health system’s strategic plan, the Integrated Strategic and Operational and Financial Plan (ISOFP).

The website contains the CHNA and CHIP information for each hospital, including the data sources used to generate the final documents.

Community Health Needs Assessment and Community Health Improvement Plans

Community Impact Statement

CSM provides for the health of the community through financial support provided to patients by financial discounts and contracts, by developing clinics and services for specific vulnerable groups, by sponsoring community education and training and by collaborating with government programs. In financial terms, the value of these services exceeded $55 million in 2015. In personal and spiritual terms, the value of the programs is immeasurable as people are helped to receive health care and heal with the support of family members and the community.

The impact of the Community Health Improvement Process is further seen in the Program Descriptions and stories of people benefiting from the programs.


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