Jane's Heart Wasn't Healthy Enough to Withstand Surgery

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When Jane Hoylman's orthopedic surgeon examined her hip, he didn’t know how she was even walking.

“It was bCSM Patient, Jane Hoylmanone-on-bone,” Jane says. “There was nothing there.”

The 85-year-old needed a full left hip replacement as soon as possible. But there were complications. Her orthopedic surgeon was concerned that Jane’s heart wasn’t healthy enough to withstand the surgery. Her atrial fibrillation and low heart-rate – as low as 40 BPM – meant surgery needed to be delayed. That’s where Dr. John Catanzaro, a cardiac electrophysiologist, came in.

Dr. Catanzaro gave Jane an intravenous infusion of isoproterenol to help boost her heart-rate and kept a watchful eye over her as she went through surgery and recovery.

“He told me he would drop whatever he was doing and come to the operating room if I had any problems. I thought that was above and beyond,” Jane says. “Thankfully, everything went fine, but that made the biggest impression on me.”CSM Patient, Jane Hoylman

It did on Jane’s son, John, as well.

“I thought my orthopedic surgeon and Dr. Catanzaro worked together really well,” says John. “It made me feel better and it made my mom feel a lot better.”

That sort of cooperative care is what Columbia St. Mary’s is all about. Our doctors pride themselves on working together, no matter their specialty, in order to bring about the best outcomes for our patients.

After a short delay, her orthopedic surgeon performed the surgery as originally scheduled on September 3rd. The surgery was a success and Jane is currently in recovery and rehabilitation. It’s a long process, but she is making good progress.

“I’m walking,” she says, “but not far enough yet.”

Jane’s hip surgery was the most recent in a long history of encounters with Columbia St. Mary’s, dating back to when she first moved to Milwaukee in 1997. In 1999 she was successfully treated for breast cancer, about 10 years ago she had her right hip replaced and more recently she had come in for a knee replacement.

“I have nothing but good to say about Columbia St. Mary’s,” Jane says. “The staff really is people-oriented, from the doctors to the nurses to the maintenance personnel. They’re all interested in me as a person, not as a number, and I find that very comforting and reassuring. And this is what I have experienced at Columbia St. Mary’s the many times I’ve been in and out.”



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