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Facing Diagnosis

"I was really impressed with the care conference. Everything was coordinated to the Nth degree. I had a meeting for a second opinion all scheduled, but after my care conference I canceled it. This was the team I wanted to take care of me.”  Beth Schimel

When faced with a breast cancer diagnosis, it's normal to have a flurry of questions. What do I do next? Where should I go? To whom should I entrust my care?

At Columbia St. Mary's, we take a multidisciplinary approach to help answer those questions and guide you through treatment from beginning to end. We go beyond just treating the disease, we care for the whole patient, in mind, body and spirit. This unique approach is why so many women seek a second opinion with us, and end up choosing Columbia St. Mary's for their treatment.

Read Beth's Story: An "Incredible Experience"


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