Columbia St. Mary's Offers Unique Orthopaedic Program: "Joint Camp"

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Columbia St. Mary’s is pleased to announce a new innovative orthopaedic program called, “Joint Camp”. CSM, a community leader in total joint procedures, is the first health system in Milwaukee to offer this program which is provided in more than 150 hospitals across the United States. (Columbia Hospital performed the first joint replacement in Wisconsin in 1968.)

Joint Camp is a comprehensive, patient-focused program for people having total hip or knee replacement surgery. The program begins in the doctor’s office and moves the patient and their “coach” through the entire continuum of care to post-discharge. It is wellness-oriented and strives to create a unique experience for patients undergoing this type of surgery. A “coach” is a friend or relative who participates in the program to provide support and encouragement every step of the way.

The goals of the program are to increase patient satisfaction, optimize patient results and reduce hospital costs through better utilization of resources. These benefits have been achieved and documented by other organizations.

The key concepts of patient care can be described in three phases: pre-admission, admission and post-discharge.

Pre-admission: education materials distributed in the physician office, pre-admission class attended by patient and coach, strengthening exercises, vitamin regimen, emphasis on preparing the patient to return to home after surgery.

Admission: CSM commitment to have dedicated orthopaedic staff and facilities which provide total care and comfort, emphasis on self-care, a daily activity plan, minimizing pain and discomfort, participation in individual and group activities. The goal is to enable the patient, and their new joint, to begin moving as quickly as possible.

Post-discharge: strong emphasis on enabling the patient to return home and help prepare them for daily activities, follow-up care to ensure the patient is progressing toward their goals, “alumni” luncheons, program newsletter.

Slightly more than one-third of CSM’s inpatient orthopaedic discharges are hip and knee procedures, exceeding 1,000 per year. CSM holds a strong market position for this patient population.

Many of the elements of Joint Camp are currently in place throughout CSM’s hospitals. Several components continue to evolve and are being enhanced as a result of this new initiative.

For more information on this program and other innovative orthopaedic programs at Columbia St. Mary's call Ross Workman, RN at 414-961-3591.



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