CSM First in Wisconsin to Utilize Full Field Digital Mammography

Wednesday, May 16, 2001

Columbia St.Mary’s Hospital’s Van Dyke Haebler Center is pleased to announce that it is the first facility in the State of Wisconsin to utilize full field digital mammography, the latest technology in the detection of breast cancer. The Van Dyke Haebler Center is located at Columbia St. Mary's Women's Hospital.

The new full field digital technology produces breast images using x-ray and a computer. The images can be adjusted to visualize all breast tissue including the skin. The radiologist can also adjust and magnify the images, which may decrease the need for additional views. The image can be viewed within 10 seconds. This means that women no longer have to wait while the films are developed to be sure the images are usable and therefore, the test is quicker. Women having a diagnostic mammogram will continue to have their test results prior to leaving the Center. “We feel very fortunate to be on the leading edge in providing early detection for breast cancer,” said Dr. Patrick McWey, a radiologist and director of the Center.

Full field digital does not replace standard film mammography but serves as just one more tool to detect breast cancer early. Early detection is facilitated by mammography, ultrasound, monthly self breast exam and physician directed physical exam. The two new digital units were made possible through a generous gift from the William D. Van Dyke family of Milwaukee. To schedule an appointment, please call the Van Dyke Haebler Center for Women’s Imaging at the Women's Hospital (414) 326-1800.



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