Columbia St. Mary's Surgeon Treats Professional Athletes

Tuesday, April 10, 2001

Dr. Richard Cattey, chief of surgery at St. Mary’s Hospital Ozaukee, is one of a handful of surgeons in the world treating “athletic pubalgia” or sports hernias. Because of his unique ability to diagnose and surgically treat these injuries, Dr. Cattey is sought out by a number of athletes who perform in the Olympics as well as professional and collegiate sports including soccer, hockey and track and field.

Athletic pubalgia is a condition caused by repeated trauma to the groin area and is difficult to diagnose. Once identified, the condition is corrected through an innovative laparoscopic procedure. “All of the athletes that I have performed surgery on have returned to playing their professional sport, making it a 100 percent success rate thus far,” said Dr. Cattey.

For more information about athletic pubalgia, call the Milwaukee Institute for Minimally Invasive Surgery at Columbia-St. Mary’s at (414) 961-4343.



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