Advertising Campaign Launches!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Advertising Campaign Launches!

In 2005, CSM broke from the traditional mold of healthcare advertising and dared to launch a branding campaign that successfully meshed the serious topic of health care with humor.

The risk paid off immensely. Within our service area:

  • Columbia St. Mary's was the top hospital preference
  • More than 23 percent of consumers said that, based on the commercials, they had a better opinion of CSM; 73 percent of consumers said that their opinion was about the same
  • Our branding message, “Passion for Patient Care” became recognizable and believable

The new campaign, which launches today, continues to support our branding message, but also focuses on our main product lines: Cardiac, Cancer, Orthopaedics, Women’s and Primary Care.

“This advertising campaign will further our growth strategy by raising the visibility of our key programs and services within southeastern Wisconsin,” said Leo Brideau, President & CEO. 

The past ads were successful because the humor made them memorable. Our challenge this time was to include humor whenever possible, but to also have the flexibility to talk about issues that weren’t so humorous, like heart disease. Each ad also features a "call to action" to further Columbia St. Mary's growth.

The new TV ads feature a little girl telling us stories about the people who live in her neighborhood. It is through her eyes and her voice that each story unfolds, revealing how Columbia St. Mary’s touched the lives of these important people. To view a few of our ads, click here.

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"Some of the stories are comical, others are poignant,” said Karol Marciano, Executive Vice President of Business Development. “But they all support our ‘Passion for Patient Care’ message.”

The TV ads will air on the local networks and on cable. Our outdoor campaign will be featured on billboards on North I-43 and South I-94, and our print ads will be found in the major local magazines.

You can soon view the TV, print and outdoor ads at Keep checking back as we add additional adverstising in the next few weeks. Also, the ads will  be appearing on the plasma TVs on each hospital campus.





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