Congratulations to the Columbia College of Nursing Class of 2013

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Milwaukee, WI, May 28, 2013 – On May 10th, the Columbia College of Nursing (CCON) class of 2013 graduated. We’d like to extend a heartfelt congratulations to all 39 graduates.

The spring 2013 graduates are:

Dorothy Baker      
Kara Bernau     
Amanda Bohman      
Nicole Borkowski   
Kerrie Bustos      
Roy Czarnecki       
Hanna Dubord      
Rebecca Elmer      
Jessica Freda  
Helen Guma     
Sara Gunderson   
Amanda Hallock   
Jennifer Hanson      
Brittany Harker
Jacqueline Heyen 
Alyson Karrington
Kaylan Kipperman   
Colleen Klasen
Craig Klotz
Aleksandra Krivosheina
Terry Kroboth
Jelka Leedle   
Amanda Loucks  
Tiera Manuel   
Megan Mathers   
Marquitta Milton 
Georgia Parsons
Karly Perez
Gina Petersen
Malina Renteria
Melissa Roth
Lisa Senour
Taylor Stamm
Igor Sumic
Leana Tatum
Gabrielle Wainwright
Ashley Williams
Kirsten Woznicki
Tracy Wroblewski

Also on Friday, Columbia College of Nursing awarded an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree to Jill Pelisek for her outstanding contributions to the welfare and development of Columbia College of Nursing and the greater Milwaukee Community. This is only the second honorary degree Columbia College of Nursing has given in its 112-year history.

Ms. Pelisek has provided outstanding service to the Milwaukee community many years, touching such diverse areas such as the arts, higher education, healthcare, the Zoological Society, and the Humane Society. Ms. Pelisek has served on more than 20 Boards of Directors &/or Boards of Trustees, including the Columbia Center, Columbia Health System, the Columbia St. Mary’s Foundation, and the Columbia College of Nursing. She served as the Co-Chair of the Corporate Members Division for the Capital Campaign for Columbia Hospital. Ms. Pelisek served on the Columbia College of Nursing Board of Trustees for 20 years, and she served as Chair for two years. She currently serves as an honorary member of the Columbia College of Nursing Board of Trustees, and she still remains engaged and supportive.


About Columbia College of Nursing
Columbia College of Nursing (CCON) has a long history in nursing education, dating back to 1901. The College has been affiliated with Columbia Hospital since 1909 and serves a vital role in the education of competent nurses. CCON is a specialty College offering a Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree. The unique upper division curriculum at CCON provides students with multiple options to earn a degree in nursing. Students complete general education requirements at select two-and-four year institutions. Upon completion of general education requirements students may begin nursing courses at CCON. Building upon a foundation in the liberal arts and sciences, students integrate the latest in nursing instruction with challenging clinical experiences, enabling them to meet the challenges of health care today and providing them with a skill set that will support them well into the future. For more information, visit



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