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Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Congratulations to the 22 Columbia St. Mary’s and Madison Medical Affiliates physicians named to M Magazine’s 2015-2016 “Best Doctors” list.

Kathleen Baugrud, MD, Internal Medicine
Richard Cattey, MD, General and Vascular Surgery
Deidre Faust, MD, Internal Medicine
Michael Fetherston, Family Medicine
David Grambow, MD, FACC, Cardiology
Daniel Hagerman, MD, Pediatrics
Scott Jorgensen, MD, Internal Medicine
Paul Koch, MD, MS, Family Medicine and Obstetrics
Alysandra Lal, MD, MPH, General, Vascular and Oncologic Surgery
George Lange, MD, FACP, Internal Medicine and Geriatrics
Joshua Liberman, MD, FACC, Cardiology
James Linn, MD, OB-GYN
Robert Lyon, MD, Family Medicine
Shannon Reinbold, MD, Internal Medicine and Pediatrics
Robert Roth, MD, FACC, FAHA, Cardiology
James Sanders, MD, MPH, Family Medicine
James Sanidas, MD, Internal Medicine
John Seidl, MD, Family Medicine and Obstetrics
James Paul Volberding, MD, Internal Medicine
L. Samuel Wann, MD, Cardiology
Christopher Weber, MD, Internal Medicine and Pediatrics
John Yousif, MD, Plastic Surgery

Click HERE to read the full story.

Also included was a feature story on how Dr. Joshua Liberman is utilizing the SMARTCare pilot program to improve outcomes and reduce costs for cardiac patients. There was also a fun, short profile of Dr. Shannon Reinbold.



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